“Nonsense and Balderdash”

“Nonsense and Balderdash” cried Sergeant Rock Hard of Her Majesty’s  Guard.. “There’s NO Such Thing as a Ghostie”.

This is from ‘There’s No Such Thing as a Ghostie’, written by Cressida Cowell and illustrated by me, way back in 2004.

A lovely thing happened the other day, I was emailed with a link to a blog Creating Misericordia and was delighted to read about how the blog creator , Katy, had made a Sergeant Rock Hard costume for her soon to be 3yr old son. The costume was superb and I was amazed to see how much detail she had picked up on. Very flattered.

So I wanted to do something special for her son. I set about trying to do him a picture of said Sergeant (-surprisingly difficult to try to capture how I painted back then) I hope he likes it.

Sergeant Rock Hard watercolour145


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Spooky woods..

To go with the witch illustration below and continuing my experiment with big washes and a simpler colour palette, here are the spooky woods from ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

Originally I’d wanted the witches house to be bright and stand out-but it just didn’t work. Rather than start again, I washed out the house and the result, before shadows, is what was left. I think it’s much more in keeping with the rest of the picture. It is a bit odd for me to have a spread with no characters in, but I quite like that you are not distracted by them. As I say, it was an experiment, and there are things I would change for another time.

spooky woods

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A bit of witchery..

I know, I know, it’s been ages again..I will post more frequently, I will, I will..

So I’ve been trying to learn photoshop, purely to help with registration for screen printing (and I’ve been weirdly enjoying it!!- I know!)

You’ll all be pleased to know that I have learnt there is a right way to have your wacom pad and if you have it round the wrong way, not only will your pen do everything in reverse, but you’ll also feel very silly.

SO, as a big antidote to all things technical, the paints are out and I’ve been experimenting and getting very excited. This witch is from the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

witch hansel and gretel141

I’m working on another from the same story. I will post it as soon as it’s finished (promise).


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A Relaxing Raccoon.

I’ve been drawing Raccoons lately and here’s one that was a tester..Raccoon Portrait

Thought it needed a bit more warmth, so here was the next one. A relaxing Raccoon.


I think he’ll be cropping up again.

Quite pleased with my antimacassar (I have just been informed that it was so called because gentlemen used to use Macassar oil as an unguent in their hair- so an antimacassar kept the oil off the furniture.)

There, I’ve taught you something now.


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Mice for a Monday!

Here’s a couple of mice to hopefully brighten your Monday morning..

happy mouse135

Wishing mouse

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Happy Red Nose Day!

Happy Red Nose Day!

My kids Primary School is holding a Bake Off to raise money for Comic Relief.  Here’s the certificates I illustrated for the winners..

Benfield winner certificateand for the Supremo Baker..

benfield cake champion137Go Benfield!

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‘Love Birds’

‘Love Birds’ (and I do love birds!) is a new print for my Folksy shop. I was thinking of a card design about Love- Valentines Day was approaching and I’ve  been trying to put together some card designs, and this drawing just grew and grew..

love birds screenprint

..until it was just about print size. (The pink doesn’t show up that well in the picture, it’s actually a bit brighter-but not neon or anything!) Being relatively new to screenprinting, whilst cleaning the screen I inadvertently printed the black onto some newspaper. I quite liked it, so I cut it out.

love bird print collage

Not sure where it’s going, but it’s giving me ideas.

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