Lisbeth Zwerger

Its been a while since I posted, so apologies. I’ve been busy whilst waiting for comments from the roughs for my latest book, and have started a new book in between, so it’s new character sketches whilst waiting for the go ahead. It’s a lovely story, so I’m excited about starting it.

I’m off into my daughter’s school this week to do some impromptu sketches as part of authors’ week – its going to be fun!
So as its a busy week I thought I’d take the opportunity to mention someone whose work I love- Lisbeth Zwerger. She has a beautiful line and stunning compositions. I have her ‘Wizard of Oz’ book which comes complete with green glasses at the back to wear for all the emerald city pictures. Enjoy!


One thought on “Lisbeth Zwerger

  1. Hi Holly. Remember me? Lovely blog. Lovely work of yours too. I love that Wizard of Oz book too. I just wanted to say hello. Great to see all your books and your roughs are really interesting. I always wanted to be able to draw like you! I work part time too (girl and boy now). I have some new books coming out in 2010 but constantly feel the need to re-invent myself all the time. It’s hard to find the time to think clearly though isn’t it. I thought it would be easier when they went to school – pah! xxxxx

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