Snoring bear.

Here are ¬†the two final Badger illustrations, so I’ve put them in order into the previous post.

Meanwhile its been back to the bears, without knitwear this time..

Girl and Bear 968 pixels

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Knitwear and Badgers.

Crikey where does time go?? Clearly a New Years resolution ought to be to blog more…

So here’s some new work. It’s portfolio pieces imagined for a young chapter book, they’re loosely based on the idea of a girl whose jumper has shrunk- Oh no! Who would she ring for help?? Badger of course!


Badger, of course, comes straight over


Measures up..


Badger gets knitting.


Hmmm, somethings not quite right.


Third time lucky!



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It’s all happening in the garden..

It’s not only rabbits, it’s all happening in the garden..

I’ve been experimenting with looser washes, less black outline and enjoying having a bit of a play!SunflowersWeb





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Illustrators Auction for War Child



My ‘Love Birds’ print is now up for auction along with many ¬†illustrations by an amazing array of illustrators. Now is the time to get yourself a lovely bit of artwork and help the charity War Child.

War Child gives help and support to children whose families, schools and communities have been hit by war.

The auction is live, and ends on the & 7th September at 2.06pm.

Click here to go straight to the auction and see some brilliant pictures.

Thanks to top lady Leigh Hodgkinson and Nosy Crow for arranging it.

Go on, put in a bid!


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Mr Rabbit.

I don’t have fairies at the bottom of my garden. I have a rabbit.



I was playing with building up different washes of colour to add texture and depth. I’m hoping there will be more to come..

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Black, white and a little bit of colour..

I’ve been trying some new things. I was imagining a world with these two characters, one a spy and one a detective and them constantly hunting/ hiding from each other..

I’ve left a lot of white space as I was imagining this as if it was for a children’s chapter book, so the white space would be where text would go.










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I’m thrilled and delighted and oh so very very happy to announce that I am to be represented by the lovely Helen Mackenzie Smith of Bell Lomax Moreton.

For anything book related, you can contact her here.

Hurrah hurrah hurrah!

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